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The media database is divided in two main areas:

Illustrations of combinations (e.g. switch inserts + top unit + cover frame) as well as photos of the surroundings, logos and multimedia data are found under complete devices and morer.

All catalogue illustrations are filed under Item illustrations.

Data formats and quality options

All illustrations are available as JPGs with 300 dpi. With product photos, the products are usually shown in original size. The popular 356 dpi value for high quality print results is found in the detailed view as an additional specification.

Downloading has at least three different quality levels and for registered users five quality levels after logging in: this ranges from 100 x 100 pixels maximum resolution in RGB format for web applications up to unscaled original resolutions as printable CMYK.

Article illustrations and other product illustrations contain clipping paths that can be used with all professional DTP programs for cutting out the products.

Data not existing in JPG-form such as logos, drawings and multimedia files have been stored in suitable formats such as EPS, AI, CDR, MPG, SWF, EXE etc. and are always offered in original resolutions, independent of the selected resolution option.

All data selected are downloaded as ZIP packages in single downloads according to resolution level.

Search functions

According to application, select one of three search methods.

1. Category search

In the page navigation above, click on "Complete units and more" or "Article illustrations".
Select the desired category in the left-hand navigation.

2. Keyword and article search

Use of Boolean operators

The Boolean operators "+" and "-" are available for the keyword search. Here are a few practical examples as a demonstration:

esprit glas
Without Boolean operators this is an "or" link: All illustrations that contain the keyword assignment Esprit or glass.

+esprit +glas
All illustrations with Esprit glass..

+esprit glas
All illustrations with Esprit. Glass cover frames at the top.

+esprit -glas
All illustrations with Esprit, without glass cover frames.

+esprit +(glas chrom)
Alle Abbildungen mit Esprit Glas oder Esprit Chrom.

+esprit +(glas chrom) +reinwei├č
All illustrations with Esprit glass or Esprit chrome.

Search by word groups

When searching with item numbers, use the star symbol * and the question mark ? as wildcard characters. The star symbol represents a sequence of characters. The question mark represents one character.

*19 oder ????19
All illustrations Esprit brass.

088*20 oder 088?20
All illustrations of stainless steel push button sensors.

All illustrations of 2-gang push button sensors 2 with a controlle

As above, but only items with a 6-digit Order No.

The star symbol is available as a wildcard character for a full text search with Boolean operators, however only for substitution of characters at the end of the word. Example: Push* finds illustrations with the keywords push button and/or push switch.

Search by word groups

Put word groups in quotes to search for an exact phrase which has a specified word order..
Example: The entry stainless-steel door station would find all illustrations of door stations and stainless-steel products, while on the other hand "stainless-steel door station" would find all stainless-steel door stations.

Search by item numbers

Enter the corresponding Gira Item No. Example: 207712

Search by image number

You can search for an image number of a complete unit when you enter a colon first. Example: :00002525

3. List search

After logging in, the list search is found in "Article illustrations" in the upper page navigation.
Upload a previously created TXT file here that contains one article number per row.
Add the matches found to the selected illustration selection (e.g. "New list search").
You can then view the illustration selection or create a list of the missing illustrations.

Short instructions

Workflow selection and download

(Example keyword search)

1. Searching for illustrations

Enter your search terms into the "Search" entry field.
Examples: "flush-mounted radio", "+event +home station +blue", "1280*" (without quotation marks in each case).

Limit the search via the drop down list to article illustrations or complete units if required. Expand the search if you wish with discontinued items.

Click on "Search".

2. Selecting illustrations

Select desired illustrations by clicking on the selection box on the right below the corresponding thumbnails, or click on "Adopt all matches in illustration selection".

Carry on your search process as you wish or view the selection of illustrations.

3. View illustration selection

Click on "View illustration selection".

4. Downloading illustrations

Click on "Download data".
Select the desired resolution, e.g. "for web (low)" or "for web (high)", then "download" twice.
Save the ZIP archive to your hard disk.